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The Oasis on the Plains: Welcome to Morgan County!

Hi adventure fam!

I just returned from a wonderful weekend in Morgan County, Colorado. When people think of Colorado, often they think of the mountains, skiing, climbing, etc. But there is a whole other side of Colorado that I just fell in love with! Welcome to Morgan County*!

Morgan County sits just over an hour from Denver, on the northeast part of Colorado. The main city in the county is Fort Morgan aka The Oasis on the Plains, and it is a true gem of Colorado! So what is there to do? Well, here is your itinerary!

1. See all the HGTV sites!

HGTV’s Hometown Makeover recently revamped several business in Fort Morgan, and the changes make the town beyond charming. A lot of local shops have a map of all the places that were renovated, but the list includes Zazzy Café, Glen Miller Park, Morgan Lanes Bowling Alley, the Queen Lounge, China Grove, Mosqueda Delicacies, and there are new murals and decorations throughout downtown. These changes have made Fort Morgan even brighter and more inviting to visitors.

2. Jackson Lake State Park:

This is now what I consider the most underrated state park of Colorado. The lake itself is HUGE! The water is so clear and this is a popular spot for camping, boating, fishing, hiking, and birdwatching. We camped here and the vibes were so serene and fun! Hearing the birds chirping near the lake at sunrise was magical.

3. Skydive with Skydive Orange Skies: This one is for all you adrenaline seekers like me! Skydive Orange Skies has some of the best skydivers on staff, and everything they did from start to finish allowed me to have the best first skydive ever! It was so much fun! If you don’t think you should try this at least once, you’re wrong…just look at the joy on my face! This has been on my bucket list for forever, and I had no idea you could skydive like this just north of Denver!

4. Country Roads Vines and Wines: This charming winery is where wine and friends meet. They produce the wines on site and all of them that we tried were delicious! We got to camp here our second night too. They are part of the Harvest Hosts program, and it was a peaceful place to stay right by downtown Fort Morgan. However, take note that there are no hookups or facilities, so to stay here you have to have a vehicle that is self sufficient! And no tents or pets are allowed at the winery.

5. Seasonal Events:

Morgan County has tons of seasonal events depending on what time of year you plan your visit for! We went during the annual Bob Stock Music Festival. This is a free festival featuring artists from many genres. There are so many food trucks, vendor stands, and this year they had 5 stages so you are definitely never bored! And the loaded hot dog I had was sooooo yummy. They even had a huge alley of inflatable obstacle courses and bounce houses for the kids! Name a better vibe than an outdoor summer music you can't!

This is just scratching the surface of everything this region has to offer, but it is an awesome way to spend a weekend!

Morgan County is pure and simple Colorado. The people are kind, the pace of life is slower, and the plains are beautiful. It reminds me of the Colorado I grew up with and felt like a breath of fresh air from Denver. I highly encourage you to make a trip very soon!

As always drop any questions in the comments below and subscribe to the blog for the latest! Happy adventures, fam!

*Payment was provided in exchange for media production and promotion.

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