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Featured Stay: Woody Creek Den

I had another incredible stay with DB Dens, this time at Woody Creek Den in Fairplay! You guys may remember my previous blog about Elk Creek Den (check out my blog here if you don’t). And honestly, coming to this property felt a little bit like coming home!

The cabin has modern finishes throughout, an indoor fireplace and outdoor firepit, hot tub, forest views, robe and towel heaters, and more! BUT the thing about the dens that really stands out to me are all the small touches they have that truly make you feel welcome here.

For kids and families there are books, child dishes and silverware, games, toys, and more! For my pup, Kenai, there are dog bowls, treats (my dog was truly obsessed with these), dog beds, toys, a reusable lint roller (goodbye fur!), a leash, and dog bags. And for everyone else there is a variety of snacks, coffee and tea, records to play, and streaming services to enjoy a family movie night.

Woody Creek Den comes with 3 bedrooms and bathrooms, all with ample space and beautiful finishes. It is perfect for a staycation, family getaway, or if you are looking to have an adventure in Fairplay, it serves as a perfect basecamp to some great hiking! I did The Decalibron a few years ago, and it remains one of my biggest Colorado accomplishments of all time.

Wildlife does frequent this area, and we saw 2 moose during our stay, so remember to respect the animals, keep your distance and always be safe! Click here to book your stay at this incredible place.

Summertime is right around the corner, and I could not be more excited. We have an awesome trip planned to Glacier National Park coming up, so as always subscribe below to stay up to date on all the latest adventures. Happy travels, fam!

Looking to get your cabin or hotel featured on All Over Adventure? Send a message below, and I will be in touch.

*I was hosted in exchange for media production and promotion for this stay

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